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    Wednesday, April 3, 2013

    Search for the Albany Mine Part 1

    This is a bit of video from very early winter, Nov. 2012 ( Before the world ended :) )

    As I recall the story of the Albany mine from one of my books on Oregon history. Two guys owned and worked the mine, they were following a vein of gold into the rock. A visiting businessman saw the vein they were working and offered the two men $75,000 to buy the mine. (Note we are talking about 1870 US Dollars here) The men agreed and the businessman headed back on his horse to the town of Albany Oregon to get the money out of the bank. The trip via horse would take a few days and the men start to think. They got greedy and planned to work the mine day and night to get as much gold as possible before the businessman arrived back at the mine with the payment. Sure enough by the time the businessman showed back up at the mine the miners had come to the end of the vein of gold and the businessman headed back to town with his $75,000.

    I will look though and find the book that had this story and reread it, if anything needs to be corrected or more info is in the story that I have forgotten.

    Monday, December 17, 2012

    Maxpedition-Condor Camera Bag Setup

    I upgraded to this setup for making you tube videos. My old camera bag was too small and  I would find that my video camera would get turned on inside the bag. This setup also allows for better padding and some insulation from the cold as well as room for rain shields, camera mounts and other assorted gear.

    Exploring Hole in the Ground, Part 2 of a Central Oregon Odyssey

    Part 2 of our 371 Mile road trip. We went to Fort Rock, Hole in the Ground, Lake Abert, Abert Rim, Glass Butte and all spots in between. Sadly no wild horses were seen this trip, maybe next time when we go up on top of the Abert Rim.

    Music by: Jason Shaw @ audionautix.com

    Exploring Fort Rock, Part 1 of a Central Oregon Odyssey

    This was part of a near epic central Oregon road trip. In this part we explore Fort Rock.


    The Fort Rock Basin has served as a vital part of the Native American lifestyle. Fort Rock Cave is near Fort Rock State Natural Area, and is the site of an archaeological discovery of several 9,000 to 11,000 year-old sagebrush sandals. This property serves as a reminder of the rich cultural heritage that has shaped so much of Oregon's history. The story of the Fort Rock Basin is told by the artifacts left behind and by the rich oral tradition of the tribes who claim the area as home.

    Fort Rock Cave is a National Heritage site and is open only by a state park guided tour.

    Music by: Jason Shaw @ audionautix.com

    Fools gold find

    A Winter Day In The Cascades

    DIY Cheap Ponco To Tarp Modification

    My simple modification to a $4.00 Texsport poncho that makes it usable as a tarp. This a 10 Mil poncho that measures 50" x 80". Weight after completion is just over 9 ounces.